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Workshop Testimonials


Meg and Josh,
“I just got in from one of the best (if not THE best) engagement sessions I have ever shot and I’m thinking about how much of a difference your workshop has made to my business already, less than a month later.”…..”You had a way of lifting the fog so I can clearly see where I want my business to go/ what I want it to be.  And I’ve had a mind shift into being a true artist and, not to be cheesy, but it really warms my heart and makes all this work more fun and worthwhile. From here it’s just a matter of making it happen and continuing to develop my artistic style. Had I not gone to your workshop I probably would have burnt myself out in the next year or two from trying to be something I’m not. Instead you gave me the know how AND the belief that I can do it. I am so grateful for you guys. Thank you again and again :)”
Kate of


Hey guys! Whenever I see that you’re giving a workshop I want to exclaim to the world, “YES, PEOPLE!” …both to you and the photographer you’re enlightening…..Just to put out the numbers, before this year started we’ve booked 15 weddings and counting for 2013 (mostly strangers, which is awesome!). We are SO excited for this year, our couples, and how far we’ve come already. It’s hard to believe we’re only on year 2 of being a business, because we feel like we’re miles ahead of many photographers in our area. We’ve teamed up with valuable people in this business (wedding planners, photographers, bloggers…) and have learned that being friends—not competition—is to our greatest benefit. We honestly don’t know or even want to know where we would be if we didn’t do a workshop with you guys. Your ability to share your stuff with other photographers is making this world go round. We are so glad to know you.” – Katie of



Our shooting is totally different now because of them. The way we treat our couples, the way we interact with them, the things we do during shootis, the reactions and emotions that we are able to bring out of our couples is AMAZING…..not to mention, we are making way more money than before we went and our new couples are amazing. We have found our nitch and it’s all because of Josh and Meg. …You will never look at your business or your photography the same after leaving.” – Ashley and Ben of



“I have been in business for a little over 3 years and have done 24 weddings in that time. 2012 was a really great year for my business and I felt like I finally found my style but I didn’t feel like I was booking the right kind of clients. I needed something to really take my business to the next level and that’s when I decided to go to Josh and Meg’s workshop. And oh my goodness…I could go on and on about Josh and Meg. Their workshop was the best thing to happen to me and really inspired me to make those scary changes that I so desperately needed. 

Josh and Meg’s workshop isn’t like the workshops you think of or have probably attended. They don’t really talk about photography generally and overall business models, they completely and honestly talk about everything they did for the own business and what worked for the two of them. So if you looking to photograph fabulous DIY backyard weddings, then you definitely want to listen to what they have to say. 

 They also desperately care about helping you make your business succeed so they are very honest and completely personal/one-on-one with you throughout the day. They aren’t cocky and conceited in their knowledge of the industry, they are just doing what they love and they’ll tell you what and why they do what they do. They might curse while telling a story, or make you cry, and will definitely laugh with you. They are completely and wholly themselves throughout the day which is refreshing. 

 It is also so amazing to be able to go outside and shoot with them. You can see how they interact with couples and how they achieve the amazing emotion within their photographs.

BASICALLY….it is totally worth it! You should TOTALLY go! I never wanted to leave them! They are such inspiring people to be around. You just have to be open to the fact that they are NOT going to tell you what is right and wrong for photography businesses…they mostly encourage you to look at your business and why you do what you do. And how to make changes accordingly. But it was so refreshing to just hear why they do what they do and how they do it. There is so much to learn and take from that alone.  

 I didn’t change everything about my business after I got back from the workshop but I definitely made changes in the places I needed it most. Josh and Meg encouraged me to do so and gave me that confidence and push I needed. I would recommend their workshop to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and who wants to book the kind of brides they are photographing. 

 TOTALLY WORTH IT! If you decide to go, go in with an open mind and your mind has the potential to be blown 🙂 Wow that was cheezy! haha!” – Ashley Swartzendruber,



“Before I arrived in Nashville, I was a mess. I was confused, frustrated, lost, and I felt like I had lost my identity in the wedding industry. I was somewhere between being content and wanting to throw in the towel. My voice was lost in an industry that was changing so rapidly and I didn’t know how to find myself again. I had seen tons of workshops being hosted all over the country and never ever felt inclined enough to even inquire. I saw the price tags of the workshops and moved on…

 And then one day, Josh + Meg posted something about their workshop and without even thinking twice I began figuring out how to get myself there. I just knew that I had to get there at any cost. I was in no place financially to spend the money, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. So I started an online fundraiser through Go Fund Me and I asked my friends, family and clients to help me reach my goal to get me to Nashville. Within 9 days, the money was raised and my trip was booked.

 By the time the workshop arrived, I was in a dark place. I was busy and booked but I wasn’t happy. Something giant was missing. I got on the plane praying that the answer would be found in Nashville… To my surprise AND relief, it was. That giant missing thing I had been looking for ended up being found in two places.

 ….in the openness, honesty and vulnerability of the people who attended the workshop with me. And in the cozy home of Meg + Josh where they shared with us all of their secrets and all of their tricks. They opened up their hearts and homes to 10 photographers who wanted nothing more than to find their voice again. They gave us a platform to be honest with ourselves and our passions. They gave us time to cry it out and ask questions. They gave us the motivation and feedback that we had been searching for. They gave us the permission we had been seeking to make our passions come to life in a new + fresh way.

 I arrived in Nashville bombarded with doubt, and I left feeling inspired + brand new. This workshop not only changed my business entirely, but it changed my life. I am forever grateful to these two wonderful people for giving me the opportunity to recharge, reassess, and to make my business everything I have dreamed it could be.

 Don’t think. Just make it happen. Love is a Big Deal. WE are a big deal. What we do is a big deal. What we give to our couples is a big deal. Our own happiness is a big deal. Let Josh + Meg show you the why’s + the how’s of transforming your business and your life.” – Britt Majka,

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